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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Last Blog for English class..

So there are many things i did notice throughout this whole blogging experience. I noticed that i didnt need something to write about, such as a research topic. I also found out that writing down my thoughts and experiences at times could be extremely fun. We were asked if we ever found a moment of magic during this semster while writing these blogs and I would say that i did with one blog particular. It was the blog that won me blog of the week, the about me getting hit in the eye. It was fun to know that i was reaching out to a different type of audience and not have to worry a whole lot about if the teacher thought it was a well structured paper. All and all i was pleased with my blogging experience!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

WOW its that time of year!

Holy crap i cant believe it the first semester is already over. Bascially there is one week left a few finals and its time for xmas break. This semster has flew by faster then I could ever imagened it would. I guess when you are haven fun time does fly. Wow i just realized this is my last blog that you will all probably read. Ah to bad huh I'm sure you will all be soo disappointed that you cant hear about my interesting life.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Its been a great season!!!

So the Keene State mens soccer team came to an end this weekend in the New England Region finals in the NCAA's. Its been an amazing run, one in which our team has gone further then any Keene State has gone in its division 3 history. Our team reached at its best was ranked 7th in the country and at its lowest 18th. We went undefeated in the little east conference and captured the regular season conference title. Our first round game, we destroyed Wheaton College, a top 25 team 4 to 1 and what could easily be called our best game of the year. Its werid to think that next year the seniors that i have become such great friends with won't be on the team anymore. But next season is a new year, one in which are hoping to go even further then this year.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yes it was just one of those great weekends...

Have you ever needed one of those weekends that just refreshed you completely and made you so happy that you just smile thinking about it? Well i needed one of those weekends bad especially after our soccer team got upsetted in the LEC semi finals. The weekend started on friday for me because I decided to caught a bus home to Providence that left at 815 i got home in the afternoon and just hung around my house which was very relaxing. I then went and hung out with two of my best buddies from home that go URI. We went to see the open mic on their campus and then we went and hung out at his place for a bit. After seeing them i meet up with my ex girlfriend that goes to school in miami who i havent seen for 10 weeks. I was worried that stuff between us was going to be werid but it wasnt at all it was awesome. So i spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with her. Sadly enough I had to say good bye to her and come back to school. When i got back to school i recieved some more good news to make my weekend complete, that my team got an at large bid for the NCAAs. It couldnt get too much better then that!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ahhh I am going to be so poor soon

So this past weekend was going great, the soccer team won the LEC conference regular season title and I went home and had an awesome party with a bunch of my close friends. Everything seemed to going prefectly till Sunday when i was time for me to come back to school. One of my friends that went to Keene and needed a ride back was over a the Roger Williams University so i said i would go pick him up. Of course this is when everything went wrong. On the way over I got into a car accident. Nothing to bad but im going have to dish out so serious money that obviously do no have just laying around. So basically i going to be sooooooo poor now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why does this rain ruin everything?

So this weekend the Keene State men’s soccer team was suppose to have a big game at Rhode Island College. This game could potential determine who was in first place and second place. I also am from Rhode Island so I know lots of the kids on the team. The best part of this weekend was that my brother, who goes to school at Clemson, in South Carolina, came up for the game. I haven't seen my brother Dan for a few months at that point because he lives down at school all year long. So to say the least I was extremely excited for the game. We had practice on Friday and I found out that our game got pushed back till Sunday. This was horrible news because this meant I could go out with my friends after the game on Saturday and that I couldn’t spend that night with my bro. So I got over it and I figured that I would just stay Sunday night. So Saturday came rolling along with another beautiful day of rain. Around 6 that night I heard my game had been cancelled. To say the least I was very pissed that one the game got cancelled and that two no one told me till so late so I couldn't get a ride home. Luckily I got a ride home the next day and was able to hang out with my bro for that night. As you can see though this is why the rain sucks so much.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Damn flood....

So as I am sure everyone has noticed the town of Keene is flooded. At first I was really excited because I heard there was going to be some class cancellations. This was before I went down to the soccer field and saw that it was under 4 feet of water. So I thought to myself "Where are we going to play?" Initially I thought that we would play on the intramural fields or even maybe on the Keene High School field. Today I found out that we might have to play on the road for the rest of the year. That means we would have seven away games to finish up the season. Some people might be wondering why this would be such a bad thing. Home field advantage is an extremely important part of sports. Take for instance the Red Sox. At home they had one of the best records in baseball but when they were on the road they were just barely over 500. So hopefully the flooding goes down so we can play on your field again.